The O’Mara Law Firm

Office calls and dialing into our system has saved our company hundreds of hours because the computers are only down for a few minutes instead of having to send the computer out for servicing. When we break it, George fixes it.  There is nothing better than knowing if something happens, George will fix it in a matter of minutes or hours, instead of the normal days orweeks. (CLICK HERE to read the full Letter of Recommendation).

David C. O'Mara

Lawn Express & Landscapes

Lawn Express has been working with George from Premier IT Support for over 10 years and is always more than grateful for his expertise when dealing with all of our computer programs.  George keeps our business running smoothly with his computer skills.  If it was not for George, we would not be able to conduct our daily operations.  Thanks George for always keeping our computers up and running which keeps our business up and running.  Thanks for all your computer magic!

Desiree Valles

Sunshine Service Brake and Alignment

Premier IT Support has helped us in every area of IT support, from installing new computers, constructing a more enhanced network, installing software and overall maintenance as needed. They also have been available on emergency calls, responding in a timely manner. I don’t think that there is anything that they cannot fix. (CLICK HERE to read the full Letter of Recommendation).

Mark Sutherlin

George has been doing 100% of my computer work for many, many years.  He is the best in the business.  He is also ethical, honest and professional.  I give him my very highest recommendation.

Pamela Beko Molini

KJL Fasteners

I was having trouble being managed by my former IT support company.  I was struggling to manage the system myself for 3 to 4 years. Now, I am out of the computer business, and running my own.  Not only do I receive support, but also very good advice on being proactive and making changes that have increased flexibility and performance. If you are too small for your own IT department, you need Premier IT Support’s help! (CLICK HERE to read the full Letter of Recommendation).

Ray Lock
Managing Partner

Motivision Awards

I do not worry any longer about “down time”. We are confident that our system will work effectively, efficiently and consistently… I feel like we are the most important client Premier IT Support has. (CLICK HERE to read the full Letter of Recommendation).

Tena Cords
Vice President