What is Technology Management?

We have invested in years of training and technology that lets us fine-tune your computer equipment to be optimized for its highest performance. We make recommendations to you, such as how much memory, which processor class, how much hard drive and type would be best for a given work requirement. In short, we look out for your business with all our expertise just like it is OUR business, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We patch for you all the latest updates that are beneficial for your systems configuration and operating system. This can include third party software programs such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, and many other commonly used additions to your basic system that have been approved for use in your workplace.

Technology Management monitors dozens of system vitals, such as hard drive fragmentation, antivirus issues and event log errors in a proactive fashion. This allows time to resolve the issue at the onset rather than when it has developed into a major breakdown.

At the same time, we have the ability to detect and REMOVE specific unauthorized programs, toolbars, malware, spyware, games and more that seem to just “show up” on your computers from time to time. With your permission, we can create a specific list of these unwanted intruders and continually remove them as they are installed. This will lead to improved performance, less downtime, and hopefully a more productive work environment.

We can provide documentation on your software compliance if you wish. We can inventory your hardware by location as part of Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) role we offer (discussed in detail elsewhere).

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