What is Network Administration?

Network Administration is vital to having a well-organized business computer network. We begin with a Technology Review and Assessment if it is an existing environment. This allows us to verify the basic structure of components common to all workstations such as premise wiring, switches and routers, patch panel wiring, power supplies for these items.

We are motivated to protect the interests of the business owner and advise that person with accurate information on the condition of their system.

After performing the initial review, we work with the goals of the company in mind and advise best practices to meet those goals. Centralized service allows for efficient updates, control of shared resources, such as network printers, content filtering and/or monitoring (if desired), as well as scheduled backups or imaging of key systems. The backups can be setup as combinations of local and offsite backups and are customizable based on what is needed to be backed up, how frequently, and how fast you would need it restored in the event of a disaster. Disaster Recovery plans are always tailored to meet the needs and budget of each client.

Network structure, passwords, group policies and all other documentation is maintained, and periodic reports to track network events are also kept up to date. Copies of documentation are provided to the company owner/CEO.

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