KJL Fasteners

Client Company: KJL Fasteners

Website: www.kjlfast.com          

Name /Position of recommender: Ray Lock / Managing Partner

How long have you been a client of Premier IT Support: 2 years.


What conditions caused you to initially seek the services of Premier IT Support?

I was having trouble being managed by my current IT support company.

What was the impact to your business when these conditions existed?

It was not very difficult on my employees, but particularly hard on me, as I was relegated to being the IT manager instead of doing at what I am best at.

How had you been dealing with your computer support prior to working with Premier IT Support? Struggling for 3 to 4 years.

What changes have you noticed in the support since Premier IT Support has been working on the issues you face? I am out of the computer business, and running my own.

Have there been any unexpected benefits from having Premier IT Support available to address your computer and network issues? If so, please explain.

Not only do I receive support, but also very good advice on being proactive and making changes that have increased flexibility and performance. 

What is the most powerful statement you can make about your experience having Premier IT Support taking care of your computer needs?

If you are too small for your own IT department, you need their help!