Client Company: Sunshine Service Brake and Alignment


Name /Position of recommender: Mark Sutherlin, Owner/President

How long have you been a client of Premier IT Support? 2 years

What conditions caused you to initially seek the services of Premier IT Support? Premier was recommended by the former owners of Sunshine Service.

What was the impact to your business when these conditions existed? We needed someone to correct problems, install new equipment and maintain our network.

How had you been dealing with your computer support prior to working with Premier IT Support? Before I came along, Sunshine was already being serviced by Premier IT Support.

What changes have you noticed in the support since Premier IT Support has been working on the issues you face? Premier has helped us in every area of IT support, from installing new computers, constructing a more enhanced network, installing software and overall maintenance as needed. They also have been available on emergency calls, responding in a timely manner.

Have there been any unexpected benefits from having Premier IT Support available to address your computer and network issues? If so, please explain. Actually no. I expected that they would provide a very high level of service, as this is how they were represented to me by the former owners, and Premier has not disappointed me.

What is the most powerful statement you can make about your experience having Premier IT Support taking care of your computer needs? I don’t think that there is anything that they cannot fix, as they are very professional and responsive to my needs. But more importantly, even though Premier IT has many very large customers, they have always treated our small company as though we were as important as those larger companies that they have large commitments to. I have worked with many IT people in the past, and Premier is as competent and accommodating as the best in the industry. I would recommend them to anyone in need to such services.