Unless you’ve been on a LONG vacation from recent news, you’ve now hear of Ransomware. It’s recent WannaCry outbreak on May 12th reached 150 countries and over 200,000 Windows systems.

Ransomware is a malicious virus that infects your data files and encrypts them where you can’t access them without paying a ransom of $300 to $700 to get the encryption key to unlock the files. If you don’t pay the fee within, say, 72 hours, it sometimes doubles. Within a week, the files are lost forever. Without good, current backups you are in trouble!
Here’s what YOU can do to prevent an attack:

• Keep your systems patched and up to date, which involves rebooting them at least every two weeks to allow updates to install.

• Use an antivirus program and keep it current. Run regular virus scans and pay attention to alerts.

• Keep web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer current.

• Regarding email, be VERY careful about clicking on links and opening attachments. Nearly 70% of all ransomware is delivered this way. If it just says, “Check this out” DON”T!!

• Backup you data daily, ideally offsite or to a drive that is not just another drive letter to your computer. Verify your backups periodically to make sure they are working.

• For businesses, consider investing in a high quality router with features such as Deep Packet Inspection, Content Filtering, Geo-IP filtering and network level antivirus, antispam filtering. The battle has changed in the last few years. You need better armor now.

• If you do not have the time or computer background to do the above tasks, hire a professional to perform these tasks. Regret is expensive. (And yes, We can help with all the above)!

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