Mobile security has become a necessary part of owning any device. Since most people are regularly accessing Email and the Internet via smart phones and tablets, protection is a very important concern.

Why You Need Mobile Security

The mobile phone is now an accessory many users keep very close at hand. Through the use of a wealth of applications, users can conduct research, online banking, utilize social media, and watch videos. Smartphones offer access to Email and the Internet no matter where you are, which makes both business and play simple and easy.

Since a lot of information is often stored on these devices, securing them is essential. The portability of tablets and smartphones alone makes them susceptible to loss and theft while the sheer amount of usage on a daily basis puts them at high risk for other harmful culprits. That is why it is worth the time and money to invest in mobile security.

Benefits of Mobile Security

There are several benefits to protecting your mobile devices. Providing security can:

  • Help protect your identity
  • Protect your personal content
  • Protect your children while they are online
  • Enable you to surf the Internet and safely shop online
  • Allow you to locate your missing tablet or smartphone
  • Protect your device against harmful apps
  • Provide a safe platform for online banking


There are several advantages of remote access. Through it you can: lock and unlock your device, sound its alarm, locate exactly where it is, or erase data in the event the device is lost or stolen. The antivirus and browsing protection helps guard against viruses, hacker attacks, spyware, and identity theft. Using F-Mobile Security allows you to browse the Internet, shop, and bank online without worrying about compromising the security of all your mobile devices.

How Does Mobile Security It Work

The lock feature will ensure the information in your phone can’t be accessed should the device wind up lost or stolen. No problem. All you have to do is send a simple text message to a specified number with your own code and the word “lock” and your information is irretrievable. You can similarly use text messages to locate your device and see where your phone is on a map. This also allows you to track down the person who has your phone. If you are unable to get your device back, there is one more thing you can do to ensure your information won’t be accessed at all. Here, you simply send a text message that will wipe your phone clean.

Adding mobile security to your devices comes at a small cost that is well worth it both now and in the future. It can save you a lot of money while giving you some much-needed peace of mind.

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