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Premier IT Support Reno brings over 54 years of computer experience right to you.
We are here to keep you up and running with little to no down time.

We want you to have a great experience and give us the opportunity to become your IT support system. Please take some time to learn about us and our services and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Technology Management

Premier IT Support

Expert Computer Services

Premier IT Support in Reno, NV has invested in years of training and technology that lets us fine-tune your computer equipment to be optimized for its highest performance.

We make recommendations to you, such as how much memory would be best for a given work requirement. We either patch for you (or keep you advised via our monitoring agents) all the latest updates. Read More About Technology Management

Network administration

Network administration is vital to having a well-organized computer system. We always begin with a Technology Review and Assessment if it is an existing environment.

This allows us to verify the basic structure of components common to all workstations such as premise wiring, switches and routers, patch panel wiring, power supplies for these items. Get The Latest In Network Administration

Support Services

Reno IT Tech Support

Customer Support And Care

The heart of our business is the Helpdesk Support. We strive to always be there for our clients to first isolate what the issue is with their system and then, as quickly as possible, resolve it. 

We have a convenient Customer Portal on our website allowing clients to email us their issues. Any clients with remote support agents installed on their computers will have easy access to our helpdesk right from their computer. 

You can find out more about our online help portal in the Support Services section.

Technology Consulting

It is daunting to keep up with technology. That’s what WE do, so you don’t have to!  Not only do we keep your computer systems running, but we also can act as a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO). 

As your VCIO, we can give you quarterly or even monthly technology summaries as they affect your business. 

We can assist you in making planning choices regarding computer and network upgrades and replacements to keep up with technology. Learn More About Technology Consulting

Don’t wait for it to break and then calling someone to fix it, let us maintain your systems and nearly eliminate the downtime.

To learn more about Premier IT Support Reno and our services contact us online or call (775) 276-5544.