Does Your MSP Handle All Your Needs?

You may have heard the term “Managed Services” recently and may have been curious as to how it can help your business. When you hire an IT company to manage your services, you are allowing them to take responsibility for the management of the IT systems within your company. What this means for you is that you will no longer have to deal with the day to day operations and maintenance of your systems.

Before MSP

The concept of MSP was developed as a result of the break-fix services that were dominant in previous years. This idea was based on the fact that many systems would not be maintained or updated until something broke. At this point, an IT company would arrive and attempt to fix the problem. After years of repeating this process, a more streamlined support program was created. This allowed IT companies to perform periodic system reviews and look for any noticeable issues that could be taken care of before they impacted the entire system.

How MSP Came To Be

While this plan of action was an improvement over the wait until it breaks mentality, it still did not provide technicians with a real-time view of the system. Without this, no one would know about an impending problem until it had already affected the system. During this time backing up your system was only done periodically when a technician would arrive to analyze your system. Without regular backups being performed, your system was at risk of losing vital information that could greatly impact your business.

MSP Today

As technology services continued to grow, MSP was finally available to be utilized in businesses. This program allows the company you hire to regularly monitor and analyze your system. This will help them take care of any issues before they can affect the rest of your system. They will also be able to perform necessary updates to your system and be alerted right away should anything unexpected occur with your system. Technology services have come a long way, they are now more proactive rather than reactive and allow you to place the care of your system in the trusted hands of someone who will monitor it regularly and keep it running as efficiently as possible.