Tech Support Scams


Boy do I hate these guys! Not a month goes by without someone contacting me with either a 1st or 2nd hand emergency stemming from a Tech Support Scam. Here’s [...]

Tech Support Scams2017-07-24T16:36:35-08:00

Ransomware – What To Do First


Unless you’ve been on a LONG vacation from recent news, you’ve now hear of Ransomware. It’s recent WannaCry outbreak on May 12th reached 150 countries and over 200,000 Windows systems. [...]

Ransomware – What To Do First2017-07-24T16:29:53-08:00

Premier IT Support

Premier IT Support in Reno brings over 60 years of computer experience into the exciting specialization of Managed Services. Premier is dedicated to delivering highly responsive yet personable “Business Solutions That Work!”– and we mean it!

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